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If you're looking for rotary mower parts, you've come to the right place. HZPT has a wide selection of the top brands to suit your particular mower and any tough task you need to tackle. Browse our selection to discover your many options in these essential parts to keep life on the farm running smoothly.
These are EP70 Series industrial gearboxes, which were independently designed by HZPT. RG70 industrial gearbox
helps to save mold-making fees, allowing for lower costs for customers. Meanwhile, it has been sold in the global
market for many years and has received many thumbs-ups.

540 rpm
1 3/8 Z6
1 3/8 Z6

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Agricultural Gearbox For Soil preparation

Gearboxes for machines used for small agricultural works, soil preparation and crop treatment.

Agricultural Gearbox For Service applications

Power transmission systems designed to the requirements of the building industry and the services for the community: from cement mixers to hydraulic pumps and to generator sets.

Agricultural Gearbox For Maintenance of green spaces

Power transmission systems designed to the specific needs of machinery for gardening and maintenance of green spaces.

Agricultural Gearbox For Food mixers

A wide range of gearboxes for machinery used for the collection, mixing and distribution of fodder or the cleaning of livestock.

The agricultural gearbox is the main mechanical component of the kinematic chain of agricultural machines. It is normally driven by the tractor power take-off via the PTO shaft and the gearbox drives. The operating torque can also be transmitted to the gearbox by hydraulic motors or belt pulleys, in addition to chain gears.

Agricultural gearboxes always have one input shaft and at least one output shaft. If these shafts are positioned at 90° to each other, the gearbox is an ORTHOGONAL ANGLE gearbox or more commonly called a right-angle gearbox.

If the input and output shafts are placed parallel to each other, the agricultural gearbox is known as the PARALLEL SHAFT gearbox.

Tractors are used in agriculture to mechanize a large variety of tasks by delivering a high tractive effort at slow speeds. The slow operation speeds are essential for the driver since they provide better control of the performed tasks. Nowadays all types of tractors’ transmissions (manual, synchro-shift, hydrostatic drive, and glide shift) focus on the best performance and easy operation. Although every transmission has a different mechanism, they all employ transmission shafts to pass on the engine torque to the differential.

The Right-angle Gearbox can be employed in various agricultural machinery applications. It is well suited for use with output shaft hollow, offset rotary fillers, and more. A reduction ratio of up to 2.44:1 is provided. The Right-angle Gearbox comes with cast-iron case. It also supplies a power rate of up to 49kW.

Gearbox  application scenarios

Gearbox for Wood Handling

Decades of experience in the design and manufacture of mechanical power transmission technology for fibre, paper and tissue applications ensures we are a reliable supplier of Gearbox for wood handling applications.

Gearbox for Chemical & Mechanical Pulping

Gearbox for Chemical pulping is used for materials that need to be strong or combined with mechanical pulp to give additional product characteristics. Cooking, washing, bleaching, and filter drives are key to this process and we supply robust gear systems for these very applications.

Gearbox for Chemical Recovery

Gearbox for Characterised by operational reliability and high efficiency, HZPT drive solutions offer maximum performance throughout your chemical processing equipment’s entire lifecycle.

Gearbox for Stock Preparation

We deliver a complete range of mechanical drive solutions for each stock preparation phase. To ensure optimum performance, our gear boxes are tailored to our customers specific applications for maximum results and process availability.