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Most couplings can be divided into one of two types, rigid and flexible. Rigid couplings are used for applications that require proper alignment, while flexible couplings, such as beam couplings, are suitable for applications where there is some acceptable misalignment.

Beam couplings, sometimes called screw couplings, are made from a piece of material that is made flexible by removing material in a helical pattern along its length. Like all couplings, the purpose of beam couplings is to transfer torque between two shafts, but unlike rigid couplings, beam couplings can accommodate angular misalignment, parallel misalignment of one shaft relative to the other even axial movement. Beam couplings also differ from other coupling types in that their one-piece construction prevents the backlash typically encountered with couplings made of multiple parts.

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Coupling refers to a mechanical part that connects two shafts (the driving shaft and the driven shaft) in different mechanisms and makes them rotate together to transmit torque or rotation angle. The coupling compensates for the displacement between the two shafts and has the ability to absorb vibration and mitigate the impact. Even if an abnormality occurs during operation an excessive torque is applied to the rotating shaft, the coupling is first damaged, thereby protecting The role of the motor.

1. Although the coupling is a mechanical part that transmits torque and rotation angle, each has its own unique characteristics. Therefore, in the selection process, the necessary characteristics during use must be fully considered to select the most suitable coupling.

2. After deciding on the selection, refer to the dimensions and technical parameters of this product catalog to determine the model.
3. Finally, please confirm whether the external dimensions of the selected model, shaft diameter, rated torque, and maximum speed in the technical parameters meet the installation conditions.
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Beam Coupling

Beam couplings connect rotating shafts and accommodate axial movement and misalignment of parallel or angular shafts. They feature a low-maintenance, one-piece design that provides greater misalignment capabilities. Beam couplings are often used in low torque applications that do not require high operating speeds, although some beam couplings can handle high torque applications.

There are several types of beam couplings, including flexible, slit, and rigid. Each has unique features and capabilities to address issues such as misalignment and backlash in motion control applications. Common uses for beam couplings include encoders, pumps, and a range of other light machinery applications. When choosing a beam coupling, it is important to pay attention to size, torque, and speed ratings to ensure it will meet your application needs.

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